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kooz Qzh Moral

Product Quantity rate Models Colors Price
kooz Qzh 2*1 1 60 18

Available 60 color and priced at £ 18 and quantity rate 2 m per bag

There are two product processing

Asans working to isolate the paint from water to facilitate the process of washing and packaging price £42 and enough space for 6 m

Base material for paint by product and give longer life and more rigidity of the product per gallon atones for 50 meters and price £ 35

Material specifications

  • The best solution to cover the interior walls and ceilings
  • Manufactured from the finest raw materials conforming to the international standard specifications
  • Silk M.M consists of environmentally friendly material kalaktan and wesililoz silk colored textured materials and shiny

Product features

  • made from the finest materials international.
  • high quality conforming to international standards.
  • made of cotton, wool and silk.
  • have Fixed color.
  • resistance to climate factors for four seasons.
  • insulation to heat, cold and moisture
  • sound insulation and noise
  • don’t need to clean.
  • odourless during and after work
  • environmentally friendly and help tnikh place
  • available to more than 200 color
  • charming and attractive colors
  • have the possibility of removal and installation from place to place, even after a long period of time
  • the colors fit all alazwak and various decorations
  • to ensure that 5 years after installation