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Silk M.M

Leading  “Japanese plaster ” …” Wallpaper media “

Anew vision in the World of Modern Decor

000 We are a Syrian company established in Syria in 1998 and specialized in Japanese plaster and wallpaper media . We are now in Egypt, we have produced more than 10 models of a variety of more than 200 color..

Wallpaper media

The best solution to cover the interior walls and ceilings. Manufactured from the finest raw materials conforming to  the international standard specifications . Has fixed colours and resistant to  climate factors of the four seasons insulates heat, cold, humidity and  sound also repellent to dust and cigarette smoke .

Easley applied, does not need to cleaned and  odorless during and after applying . Environmentally safe , helps  in purifying  the place, gives super  aesthetic  and gives us a psychological comfort by virtue of its complete isolation from the outside ,specially in bedrooms and children’s rooms , Suites all kinds of furniture of different colours  and models .

Is also characterized by the possibility to be removed and applied anywhere after a long period of time.

 Hides walls defects if any  , such as cracks and other.

Does  not help in flaming the fire but  helps to put it out.

Has charming and attractive colours which  combines fantasy,

nature and is the perfect alternativefor paints , wallpapers and other coatings.